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The first business incubator program Trokut in the area of Šibenik-Knin County ended with the Demo Day.


The program lasted two months during which the participants went through 6 modules to learn all the tools to present their ideas yesterday in the way they learned during the incubation.


The teams studied with great mentors and lecturers who together have unquestionable experience and knowledge directly from the field, including Mike Pulley, Antonija Škugor, Antonio Meić, Stevica Kuharski, Branka Lasić and our Ivana Vudrag and Diana Mudrinić.

The expert jury was composed of Milenko Barać from Industrius doo, Ivica Skelin from Skelin Mont, Petar Mišura from the Administrative Department for Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development, serial entrepreneur Voyl Divljaković, and the chief IT expert of the city of Šibenik, Tomislav Lokas. The jury listened to all 6 teams that presented their ideas or "pitches" and decided on the first three places. It was not an easy choice for the jury considering the great entrepreneurial ideas.

The same number of points in all categories were won by Josip Bačelić, Hrvoje Jelković and Branka Grubić with the project "Platform for the creation, development and sale of cultural content - Frame Art" and Franka and Tena Bujas with the project "Thermosensitive label for olive oil".

Second place was won by Valentina Petković and Frane Bilić with the project "Development of new digital, interactive and virtual products in tourism - PostcARd". It is a digital 3D souvenir, i.e. a postcard that informs users textually and audiovisually with additional multimedia functions. 

First place was won by Ivan and Bruna Rakić with their natural and healthy preserves, which will be produced in Šibenik-Knin County and launch their products outside of Croatia, thereby further increasing the recognition of our country and Šibenik-Knin County. 


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