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After 24 hours of intense work, tears and laughter, the expert jury chose the best of the best. And the jury itself consisted of the co-owner of Mirea and master chess player Miro Tesla, vice-dean of the Polytechnic in Šibenik Frane Urem and full-stack developer Ante Burazer. The jury's scoring was based on innovation, strategic thinking, practical implementation, and the presentation itself.

The project named "Šibi - navigation and transport platform" by the Bipsići team won third place and a prize of HRK 3,000. Daniel Batinić, Tino Jurlin, Lucija Roško and Mario Halužan presented an interactive traffic assistant that is personalized for the organization of transport through precise knowledge of the traffic map.

Team  Podmetalo-Prometalo with their project "Đirada" took second place, whose solution won a cash prize in the amount of HRK 5,000.00. Ana Marasović, Toma Karađole, Domagoj Babić and Ante Skelin connected the infrastructure of traffic points with users.

The first place, whose solution won a cash prize in the amount of HRK 10,000.00, was the EMM team consisting of five members, namely Petar Stojnić, Noa Vlahov, Luka Relja, Marko Dabro and Luka Štrkalj.

Brilliant and creative guys have offered concrete solutions that we're sure will change the future of how we perceive mobility. Their various logical and feasible solutions delighted not only the jury but also the audience, who rewarded them with a big round of applause. Some of the solutions they offered, which particularly caught our eye, are the lighting of sensors at pedestrian crossings, a solution using modern ultrasonic sensors at traffic lights for the blind spot, LED lights around traffic mirrors, and these are only hardware solutions. Their creativity and way of thinking go beyond the current capabilities of technology, and we can't wait to see what they come up with when their minds and technology can keep up.

What exactly is it about - Last winter, Trokut organized a Hackathon in which everyone has the opportunity to create their own solution that they believe will make the City of Šibenik a better place to live. In cooperation with the City of Šibenik and the Administrative Department for the Economy and as part of the Integrated Mobility project (check the full name) 03.12. starting at 1 pm, a unique opportunity to hack the city began.

This was an opportunity for anyone who has a proposal or an idea how to improve transportation in the City to translate that same idea into reality. During 24 hours in the Triangle, they had at their disposal  all the necessary equipment and mentoring to make your idea a reality.

Who was the Hackathon intended for? 

For anyone who had an idea how to make our city even better, from students high schools, students, graphic cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_designers, bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of all kinds, managers, project managers and all others.

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