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This year, too, we have prepared Trokutiće on Saturdays for our youngest.


They will learn the basics of 3D design, making and programming Micro:Bit circuits and devices, basics of robotics, working with circuit mess devices, basics of electronics, IOT (Internet of things), concepts and game design in Roblox. ​


For this education, students do not need to have any previous experience in 3D design, electronics and coding or game design. Knowledge of basic computer work is expected.

This year kids will gain knowladge in:

  • Basics of Python, Makecode, Scratch modern versatile programming languages ​​with which they will be able to program the device according to their taste. We will work with various Micro:bit elements, from temperature, humidity and light sensors to buzzers, motion sensors and WiFi modules. Of course, we will accompany everything with an adequate programming language adapted to the age of the child. For everyone there is Makecode and Scratch, and for more advanced children there is also the popular Python.

  • Gain basic knowledge of electronics through interesting scientific experiments and acquire useful skills applicable in everyday life. They will learn how electrical components, robotic components, sensor and control parts of Micro:bit and Circuitmess devices work. We will also use the Inventors kit enriched with various electronic components suitable for children and young people.

  • They will get to know the vast world of robotics, learn the basics of robotic movement and meet real small robots that they will upgrade and program themselves. They will work on Lego Mindstorms devices and on the MOVE mini mk2 cute little robot, which they will program for its movement and the feedback it will collect.

  • They will get to know the world of IOT or the Internet of things field, where they will learn how to make a device for their smart home and how to connect it and get information remotely. They will learn to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and through them they will discover the enormous possibilities of connecting, modifying and using the components of the IOT system.

  • Master 3D design skills using the Thinkercad 3D design tool and allow them to unleash their creativity and imagination. We will deal with the design of 3D objects from scratch and upgrading and editing of the existing design. Finally, we will prepare 3D objects for display using virtual reality glasses (Oculus Quest 2) and hologram display using HoloLens.

  • Develop strong and transferable skills of independent problem solving, thinking "outside the box" and encourage creative processes related to programming, making and assembling components and devices.

  • Gain an understanding of the game development process through the Roblox platform and get to know the ways of creating games in Lua and C++ language. Kids and Roblox users create their own games to play with others. There, children can create and communicate in an online environment that its creators describe as an "immersive 3D world". Their imagination will shine creating a game and a colorful world in it.



WHEN? Every Saturday from 09:00 - 11:00  in the period from 07.10.2023. until 22.06.2024. ​


WHERE? Classroom of the Triangle ​


FOR WHOM? Triangles on Saturdays are intended for children aged 09-14


WHO ARE THE LECTURERS? The lecturers are Ivan Šoda and Martin Radovčić, who, with their rich experience in IT and conducting STEM workshops, will help every child to learn the material as easily as possible and develop games creatively. ​


WHAT IS THE PRICE OF THE TRIANGLE ON SATURDAYS? The price per participant is €40 per month.

Tringles on Saturday application form

Hvala vam na prijavi!

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