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Find EU projects in which the Trokut Šibenik participates

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Trokut is one of the partners of a new European project designed for young people. It is a two-year international European project CITYFUL as part of the EU program Erasmus+ strategic partnership for innovations in the youth sector. The coordinator of the entire project is the municipality "Cisinello Balsamo" from Italy, and in addition to the Sibenik Trokut, the associations Itinerari Paralleli from Italy, Nordic European Mobility from Sweden, and Co Actions from France participate in the project as partners. 


Cityful addresses young Europeans, especially the NEET group, i.e. unemployed young people who are not in the education system. It is precisely this category that has had a worrying increase in these pandemic times, especially among young people who have finished school or interrupted their education.

The project started with its practical part already in May when its coordinator, the Italian Cinisello Balsamo, hosted the first official meeting of partners where they discussed the project and its various phases until 2024.

Including EVERYone in GREEN Data Analysis

The goal of this project is to contribute to the digital and green transition in higher education institutions using sectoral transnational cooperation and IT curriculum modernization. The goals of the project are: the development and sustainability of the competences of lecturers in higher education institutions and trainers of the NEET Group; increasing the employability of IT students and strengthening awareness of climate change; create an inclusive environment at higher education institutions.  
In order to succeed in this, the project will focus on trainings, exchange of experience, development of a new curriculum and lectures through digital modules, while the topics will be based on data analysis of climate impacts. 

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The city of Šibenik submitted the project for the establishment of the Center for New Technologies and Entrepreneurship Trokut to the competition of the European Fund for Regional Development, Development of Business Infrastructure, Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020".
The total amount of the project is HRK 27,722,245.10, of which the City of Šibenik received HRK 20 million in grants from the European Union.
The purpose of the project is the development of an innovative entrepreneurial-business infrastructure for the provision of new and better services in order to encourage, grow and develop small and medium-sized enterprises and create new jobs in the area of Šibenik - Knin County.

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